Bavdhan Bagad Yatra

The Bavdhan Bagad Yatra, an 800-year-old custom, is celebrated every year on Phalgun Krishna Paksha Panchami, or Rangpanchami, in Bavdhan, Wai Taluka, Satara district, Maharashtra. The festival is celebrated in honour of a devotee whose vow was kept and who is displayed by hanging from a hook from a tall pole. When a devotee accepts to hang on a hook and fast for five days during Holi Purnima, the Bagad Yatra officially begins. Only Khillar bulls descended from Khillar cows are used for this Bagad Yatra according to tradition.

Considering that these Khillar bulls are the only powerful cow breed. Nearly two to three tonnes are weighed by the Bagad (Chariot of God) utilised during the Bavdhan Yatra.Stone wheels are on the Bagad (Chariot of God). The complete "Bagad cart" is constructed of acacia wood. Sandalwood is used to make Bagad's "Aladandi". This bagad is being created by the Bavdhan village carpenter community.

The Bagada cart must be finished before the yatra, which takes 8 to 10 days of nonstop labour. Witnessing thousands of people eagerly participating in this yearly event while wearing traditional Maharashtrian clothing and pink gulal is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Although the first-time visitor gets chills from the overall experience of the bulls, the bagad, the throng, and the devotee hanging from a high post